"Think Outside the Bank"

TREND Financial is an automotive lender that specializes in providing financial backing for consumers who cannot receive a fair auto loan through conventional prime lenders.  With a unique lending philosophy, consumers no longer have to abide by the ridged bank guidelines when looking to secure a vehicle.  From Bad Credit Auto Loans to Conventional Prime Lending Rates, TREND Financial has the ability to help any client regardless of their circumstances.

Apply to TREND Financial today and Think Outside the Bank.

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  • TREND Financial Quickly Achieves the $100 Million Funded Auto Loans Milestone - April 28 2016 Toronto, ON – TREND Financial, a leader in offering custom-made automotive financing solutions, today announced it has quickly achieved the $100 million milestone in funded auto loans. - The results continue to strengthen industry leader TREND Financial as one of the fastest growing lenders in Canada and well positioned for solid, successful execution of TREND’s growth plans into the future. - "It is incredibly touching and gratifying to have swiftly reached $100 million in loans," commented CEO Nahum Kaplan. "This milestone could not have been met without the hard work of the TREND Team and the confidence of our Senior Lending partners." - "These are important milestones for TREND, we thank our Lending and Investor partners for providing additional capital to fuel our growth." says CFO Brent Sawadsky. "Their enthusiasm validates the strength of our business model with strong operational performance, maintaining lower than industry average credit losses and financial... More →
  • Setting Up Your Mobile Phone For Better Pictures - Before you start… - Clean the lens. - Simple. Over time the camera lens can collect lint and create a blurred image. - Just give it a good wipe with a clean cloth. - Set your phone to its highest picture quality and resolution. - Remember, we need to see every LITTLE detail of the picture you are taking - In the Camera app, touch the Menu button. - Choose Settings. The Settings window appears. - Touch the Camera icon. - Choose Photo Size. - Choose a resolution. - Press the Back button to return to the Camera app's main screen. - Turn off features and effects - We just care about the details of your documents -- fancy colour tones or frame effects are not necessary - Set it up… - Light is king. Avoid shooting in low light, if you have to shoot indoors, consider what artificial lighting sources you have. No flash if possible. Avoid bright reflections. - Move it around. Center it. Use both hands to keep your phone steady. - Position the camera directly parallel above the document.... More →
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  • TREND Financial Increases Current Additional Credit Facility by $45 million to Continue Momentum of Growth - November 5 2015 Toronto, ON – TREND Financial, a leader in offering custom-made automotive financing solutions, today announced it has received an additional extension of a non-revolving credit facility for $45 million from their long-term Senior Lending partner to bring the total facility to $126 million in order to meet the company’s monumental growth - This extension will allow TREND to continue its aggressive pace of growth up to Q2 of 2016 in order to achieve its strategic and financial objectives. - “We at TREND Financial are humbled by the confidence of our Senior Lending Facility; we believe this extension contributes further excitement for 2016,” said Nahum Kaplan, CEO of TREND Financial. “We continue to be the fastest growing company in our market category and we look forward to delivering on our mission.” - “This puts us in an enviable and unique position, backed by one of the strongest Senior Lenders, which allows us to continue growing and maintaining the... More →