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TREND Financial is an automotive lender that specializes in providing financial backing for consumers who cannot receive a fair auto loan through conventional prime lenders.  With a unique lending philosophy, consumers no longer have to abide by the ridged bank guidelines when looking to secure a vehicle.  From Bad Credit Auto Loans to Conventional Prime Lending Rates, TREND Financial has the ability to help any client regardless of their circumstances.

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  • Email Marketing For Auto Dealerships Should Auto Dealerships Use Email for Marketing? - Is Email Okay for Marketing? - Social media is basically free. Email marketing can be costly but the two should not be mutually exclusive. Automotive dealerships can use both strategies when it comes to their digital marketing plans. While email marketing has an associated cost, it can be less expensive than other marketing channels inclusive of newspaper advertising and television advertising which require upfront commitments and production and set up costs. Email campaigns can be designed to meet your budget and can be flexible. There are however some cons when it comes to email marketing and TREND Financial would like to provide automotive dealers with some tips when it comes to email marketing. - Why Email Marketing Campaigns May Not Work - 1. Driver customers away. Email campaigns can only be effective if the recipients have opted into the subscription. By opting into the email subscription, recipients are providing their permission to receive the emails. The downside is that... More →
  • Carmax Home Delivery Service Purchase a Vehicle Without Stepping Into a Dealership - CarMax Testing Home Delivery Pilot Program - CarMax has announced that it will be testing home delivery of vehicles in Charlotte, N.C. Purchasers of vehicles will no longer have to come onto the lot, with CarMax delivering purchased vehicles directly to a customer's home. - Consumers will now be able to use the CarMax Home Delivery to find, purchase, finance and test drive and ultimately buy their vehicle without every going into a store. Trade-ins will also be taken into consideration. Charlotte will be the first city CarMax will roll out their new purchasing platform. The pilot program will be rolled out in Charlotte. - Twenty years ago, CarMax decided to adopt a vehicle purchasing program that would provide its customers with an honest and transparent buying experience. The Home Delivery program is an extension of the integrity CarMax has when it comes to purchasing a vehicle from their organization. - CarMax Home Delivery Provides Personal Customer Service - The program provides... More →
  • TREND Financial Digital Marketing for the Automotive Industry Best Practices for Automotive Dealerships In the Digital Age - Digital Marketing Could Be Your Dealerships Success - During the recent DealerTalkX conference in Toronto, guest speaker John Montgomery who is the host of The Amazing Race Canada encouraged automotive industry attendees to celebrate "small victories" and not to be discouraged if they stumble. These words set the stage for what was noted to be a successful event. - In its latest edition, Canadian Autoworld, an attendee at the event published an article which provided some best practices for automotive dealers when it comes to conquering the digital space. Here are some of the highlights of the Canadian Autoworld article. - Canadian Autoworld Best Practices for Digital Marketing - 1. Quick Response. For dealers who are embarking on digital marketing, it is important to provide online shoppers with all the information they want quickly. On average, online shoppers have already visited several dealerships and it is important to provide a real-time response to any queries that shoppers... More →
  • North American Free Trade Agreement How Will a Donald Trump Win Affect the Auto Industry? - It's True, Donald Trump Has Been Elected as President - Many are waking up today to the news that they may or may not have wanted to hear. Donald Trump has been elected as the 45th President with a majority in both the House of Representatives and the Senate. From all accounts, it appears that pollsters and political pundits misread the electorate. What was also ignored was the coverage of economics and how voters in States such as Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania have become disenfranchised with declined manufacturing jobs, including those in the automotive sector. The Obama bailout of the auto industry did not seem to translate to the Clinton campaign, who appeared to distance itself from the automotive sector, creating a future of uncertainty amongst voters in key automotive manufacturing states. - Mr Trump's message to bring back jobs to manufacturing based States appears to have won him votes with many Americans who have seen their jobs disappear. Trump's promise to get rid of... More →
  • TREND Financial VIP Dealers TREND Financial's Delivers Immediate Pre-Approvals with its VIP Dealer Lending Portal - TREND VIP Dealer Lending Portal Enhanced - TREND Financial has released its version 2.0 VIP Dealer Portal with several enhancements including the ability of its VIP dealers to receive immediate loan financing pre-approvals. Customers visiting VIP Dealers who which to purchase a vehicle and be financed by TREND can now obtain an instant credit pre-approval. - This new feature in the VIP Dealer Portal version 2.0 provides TREND's VIP dealers with the opportunity to immediately receive an indication of a customer's financing ability, providing a better customer expertise. - The decision to release immediate financing pre-approvals to VIP dealer customers comes after pilot testing of version 1.0 of the VIP Dealer financing portal released earlier in 2016, in response to dealers' expressed need to have real and quick customer pre-approvals to expedite sales and to enhance the customer experience. - To read the press release in its entirety, visit... More →